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About me


My name is Milan Radulovic. I was born in Cuprija, Serbia in 1972. I studdied photography, and for past 20 years that is my profession. After graduation in 1990 years went into the army, where war in the former Yugoslavia found me.


My interest for aviation began in elementary school and continues to today. For past four years my primary interest is Aviation Art, and I have finished over 40 drawings,mainly using, pencils, colored pencils and ink pen. Except drawings of Serbian AF,I have given a lot of attention to the Hellenic Air Force.


Building scale model kits is one of my hobbies for past three years intesivly. My interest is mainly for Jet Aviation, especially for the the Cold War era. Participate on national and international competitions and achieve noticeable results .


I am married, and have one daughter.





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